Code Color
Red + Silver Prism 900 red_silver_prism
Pink + Silver Prism 914 pink_silver_prism
Orange + Silver Prism 901 Meter Fishing Top Pick orange_silver_prism
Chartreuse + Silver Prism 903 Meter Fishing Best Seller chartreuse_silver_prism
Green + Silver Prism 902 Meter Fishing Top Pick green_silver_prism
Blue + Silver Prism 913 blue_silver_prism
Code Color
Black + Silver Prism 912 black_silver_prism
White + Red Prism 904 white_red_prism
Metallic Blue + Silver Prism 915 mblue_silver_prism
Silver + Chartreuse Prism 908 silver_chartreuse_prism
Silver + Green Prism 906 silver_green_prism
Silver + Red Prism 905 silver_red_prism
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